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Simply the best, analytical 2017 football preview you can buy

Welcome to previewing the NFL through a lens you’ve never witnessed before. Warren Sharp’s 236-page full color 2017 Football Preview is unlike anything you have seen before. Stunning visualizations built with the reader in mind and innovative, next level thought process abound in every team chapter and article. This book shares insights into the players, coaches, teams and philosophies with one goal in mind: to get you prepared for the 2017 season by delivering the smartest information in the fastest, most direct way possible for optimal reviewing and retention.

Every key element you would want to study is included, such as Fantasy Football (player profiles, ranks & visualizations), Vegas Odds (forecast team wins, division rankings, lines for all 2017 games), Coaching (strategic advice for teams, real vs optimal play calling analysis & uncovering team tendencies) and Front Office Analysis (positional spending, roster construction & cap analysis). Team chapters are detailed and intelligently organized for a massive revolution in reader understanding and information retention

Warren believes the best way to be successful in fantasy football or betting is to do the opposite of most other publications. There is an industry rush to dive head first into player rankings & projections. Warren starts with fundamental discussion of the game, the teams, their coaching strategy and the players. He then analyzes their strengths and weaknesses with visualizations and data to support the narrative. Using that framework, Warren constructs projections and outlook. By previewing the NFL season in this manner, the reader walks away with much more than ever envisioned or delivered in a season preview.

This season preview is not only superior to the many magazines you see, it’s also unique, and thus provides an inherent edge to all who review and learn from it. It also contains embedded audio & video, which will be updated in late July (before training camp) and late August (after the preseason) for even more value-added content. This preview incredibly combines evergreen philosophical “football” analysis you would find in a reference book with immediate, relevant predictions for the 2017 season.

Here are what the professionals want you to know:

”Warren’s dedication and acumen for analyzing football is clearly evident in the work he produces. This book is completely unlike anything I’ve read in a preview before, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from Warren. His ability to approach the game logically, analytically and in a predictive manner sets him apart from the crowd. Between the narratives, articles and graphics, I have no doubt after reading this preview you will be far more prepared for your fantasy drafts and just football in general. If you’re a NFL fan of any kind, I cannot recommend this preview enough.” Evan Silva, Rotoworld.com Senior Football Editor

”Warren’s Football Preview is amazing. It touches on everything you could hope to find, and many things you never thought you’d find, in a preview. It’s not often that a football mind like Warren lays out his thoughts as extensively, in such an organized manner for easy reading and comprehension. I don’t see how anyone could afford to pass this book up if they plan to make money on football this fall. It’s that good.” Bill Krackomberger, Las Vegas, winning professional gambler (ESPN/CNN/Fox Sports)

”When it comes to the NFL, there is no one I trust and use more than Warren Sharp. Warren has an amazing grasp of the analytics that matter… & how to implement those in a practical & easy to read format.” Matthew Holt, COO of CG Analytics

”A truly indispensable resource… makes up for mainstream media’s shortcomings. Certain to give you a leg up on both sportsbooks & your fantasy competition alike.” Gill Alexander, Host of “A Numbers Game” on VSiN

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