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Electronics Hobbyists, Learn How To Build An Oscilloscope: Great Test Gear For Little Cost

You’ve found an exciting electronics project. You’ve built it and can’t wait to see it in action. You switch it on and then what?…

You are going to need test equipment. A multimeter is essential and cheap but it will only take you so far. What you really want is a digital oscilloscope, the ultimate tool of any electronics engineer or hobbyist.

Follow this book, make it your next project and you will have an oscilloscope to fault find and explore your future circuits with.

Full construction projects:

This book is about how I built a dual trace sound card oscilloscope, calibrator and signal generator project from start to finish. I’ve recorded my steps in detail so that you can build one too. I describe all the circuits and how to build them into small cases that sit nicely on your desk. I tell you where you can buy the components, where to download the computer oscilloscope software and how to use it.

Build the projects and learn:

  • What an oscilloscope is and how to use one
  • Why you need an oscilloscope
  • How to calibrate a sound card oscilloscope
  • What a signal generator is and how to use one
  • How to build circuits on stripboard
  • How to work with enclosures and put your projects into neat boxes
  • How to use two very different oscilloscope applications for your PC
  • Enough theory to understand how it all works but not too much

Also covered:

Waveforms, frequency analyzers, phase shift, Lissajous figures, working with plastic enclosures, simple mechanical design, practical experiments, case studies.

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