How to Build an Electronic Witness Well for Radionics (E-Well) (Mastering Radionics Series) (Volume 2)

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A 32 Gb thumb-drive used in an Electronic Witness Well (E-Well) can hold over 2,000 witnesses. Electronic witnesses (digital photographs and text data) can be easily sent over the Internet allowing for the balancing of witnesses (targets) that are thousands of miles away. The ability to manage and balance thousands of targets at the same time creates new possibilities in Radionics that did not exist easily before. Consider a bubble of protection that reforms instantly upon breaking. Think about blessings such as Kiss of God ( 35.5-21.4 ) or the Ho’Oponopono Prayer ( 51.75-97 & 14-12.25 & 82.75-39 ) being received 24-hours per day! What would be the value of constant spiritual strengthening such as Soul Integration Repair or Spiritual Vampire Repellent? How would improved luck along with everything else mentioned affect those in dangerous professions such as military, firefighters and police? The ability to send balancing programs to thousands of witnesses 24-hours per day will create a whole new way of thinking about Radionics. Instead of balancing where needed, prevention which can not be over balanced becomes a new tool for accomplishing goals. These are subtle changes but the potential for great gain and a new way of doing things added to our already vast tool box of Radionics can be invaluable. This book provides step by step instructions with color photos of how to build your own E-Well. The only tools needed are a screwdriver, electric drill and a hot glue gun. You must have some skills using these tools or you can ask someone else to make the device for you. Most of the parts needed are available from Kelly Research Technology (Betar coil), Twisted Sage (Tensor Ring) and (project box and electronic components). Websites are provided for all major components. The Kindle version of this book was professionally created by CreateSpace/Amazon and is available under Book Match and Kindle Unlimited for free. There is no DRM.

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