Auto Electricity & Electronics, A6 (G-W Training Series for Ase Certification)

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Auto Electricity and Electronics teaches the design, operation, and diagnosis of starting, charging, ignition, lighting, and other major systems. The text stresses the use of on-board diagnostics, as well as conventional meter tests, to find electrical, electronic, and computer-related problems. A chapter on advanced diagnostics covers the latest equipment and techniques used to locate problems. This is a valuable resource to those preparing for ASE Certification Test A6, Electrical/Electronic Systems.

  • The text is correlated to the Electrical/Electronic Systems section of the NATEF Task List.
  • A full chapter on on-board diagnostics is included, detailing OBD II systems and emphasizing the use of scan tools to help pinpoint computer system problems.
  • Two full chapters on hybrid drive systems detail the basic principles of operation, diagnosis, and repair.
  • Optional digital platform including premium online text, shop manual, workbook, videos, animations, instructional content, and course management tools is available.

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